Available Animals

Boatload of Woma’s Sale!

We are parting with our breeder group of Woma Pythons! We will consider splitting the group slightly but we would much prefer them to go as a group- ergo the amazing pricing.

1.4 Proven Breeder Womas – All Healthy and eating like beasts. Some of these have leaned down since when we got them. It’s very easy to overfeed Womas and these are no exception. Amazing feeders on frozen thawed. $2500 for the group plus gst. At $500 an animal this is a sound investment for someone looking to start working with these awesome animals.

We also have a lone female of smaller locale. Proven breeder. $550 solo. We didn’t have her paired with this group due to the size of the male.

Located in Calgary. I’d love to not ship these animals – but will consider Air Canada Cargo


Reverse Trio of Adult King Ratsnakes for sale.
These are TOUGH to consider letting go. They are absolutely beautiful adult kingrats – quite large. I will not let these go to just anyone. They should be in 6x2x2’s at minimum and are not for the faint of heart. They are active, intelligent snakes.

Oodles of Blood Noodles!

I have a bunch of 100% het T+ Albino Bloods getting ready for new homes. The 6 in this post have had at least 5 frozen meals and counting. Others are not too far behind! I have males and females ready to go. Located in Shawnessy Calgary. We do not have the capability of visits to our facility but are happy to bring an animal or two home if you are stuck deciding.

These snakes are not typical for care so please do some reading before purchase. We are happy to provide caresheets upon request if you are considering these tiny danger noodles.

Other animals available include:

Crested Geckos – Hatchling to Adult $50-250

Gargoyle Geckos – only 3 remaining hatchlings! $150ea

Leopard Geckos – Only 6 adults remaining. $40-120- some retired breeders looking for homes.

Ball Pythons – Subadult and Adults Remaining. Last 2 Clutches of hatchlings establishing now!

Blood Pythons – Het Albino and Hybrids establishing currently.

Carpet Pythons – Jungles and Costals (Pure) Ready to go!

Woma Pythons – Adults and Hatchlings ready to go!

Ratsnakes – Sold out for 2017

Kingsnakes – Sold out for 2017

Cornsnakes – Sold out for 2017